SpeechLab Workshops

Speech Lab is associated with therapists who have advanced degrees in speech and language sciences from nationally accredited universities and all are certified by the Health Professional Association South Africa (HPSA) as well as American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

Many are also trained in post-graduate techniques including PROMPT, TAMO, NDT, HANNEN SOS, sensory processing and feeding therapy. These therapists offer resources for continuing education credits in OPT, SLP and other areas of development for professionals who wish to improve their knowledge for increased success and development. Speech Lab is the proud annual host of these therapists, annually offering multi-level trainings that utilizes hands-on experiences and real life case study examples.

Having to learn about products can be overwhelming, especially for busy parents and teachers. Speech lab also facilitates educational sessions for small groups of parents and teachers- find out more about our small workshops for more information.

Some photos from our last workshop

"Thank you for a really great course! Great workshop. The videos and practical were very useful. Well organized, very practical information! Great venue and food!"

Tessa , Therapist